We are supporting all kind of “Music Lovers”, who are aspiring to become a professional singer, those who would like voice training for beauty & health and entertainment purpose and talented children.

  • Vocalism Course
  • For vocalism training. (from 30mins)

  • Adult Course
  • For vocalism and singing trainings. (from 60mins)

  • Professional Training Course
  • For those who aspire: releasing CD, becoming a professional singer to have own concert. Teaching techniques and skills need to become a professional singer. (from 60mins)

  • Group Lesson
  • Vocalism and singing lesson for group of more than 2 and less than 4. (from 60mins)

  • Junior Training Course (aged 4 and over)
  • For juniors who aspire to become a star: rhythmic sense, musical pitch, vocalism and singing trainings. (from 45mins)

  • General Singing Lesson
  • Karaoke lesson for musical pitch and expression (from 60mins)

(For those who with talents)
A big chance to debut from NANA RECORDS!!
  • Promote to distributors.
  • Implementation of CD recording and production.
  • Holding regular live concerts by students.

  • For more information:

    Email: nanamusic@btinternat.com
    Tel: 07796 144 338